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What a Year!

Our last blog was in the summer of 2020. Homing greyhounds was in the throes of a bumper year with prospective new owners lining up at the kennel gates, so to speak.

A shortage of hounds in the kennels waiting for their forever home was an unprecedented affair and, in a complete turnaround of events, new owners were putting themselves onto waiting lists!

Of course, there were new challenges. Home vetting, fund raising, dog walking to name but a few. Who knew how long this situation was to continue for?

Once again, the general public, kennel supporters and volunteers came to the fore with donations as normal fundraising channels were closed.

Amid all this the Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) launched their Greyhound Retirement Scheme (GRS) in September 2020. So, plenty going on with the focus, quite rightly, on homing and welfare.

Social media has been awash with pictures of retired greyhounds settling into their new homes and how they have successfully adapted to family life. It would be fantastic if this media attention were to continue because undoubtedly lots of pictures of gorgeous looking hounds having fun is what’s needed to ensure greyhounds, as pets, aren’t overlooked.

Our volunteers have worked tirelessly creating seasonal gifts throughout this past year. ClarksFarm have been incredibly supportive by having them on display at the kennels.

Like all charities it’s been a difficult time as our fundraising activities have been halted. However, as we begin to recover from our losses, we can only look forward to continuing our work to find that forever home fornour ex-racing greyhounds.

If you would like to support our charity in some way, please contact us on 07549826240 or email

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