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The Kindness of Strangers

I suppose the one thing we’ve all learned from the weeks of being locked away is the kindness shown from people we hardly know. There have been so many stories about acts of kindness we’ve almost become immune to the breathtaking generosity of the human race.

For a charity such as ours, which is dependent on goodwill and donations, it all pales into insignificance by the selfless dedication of the connections and staff of each and every homing kennel. Social media was awash with conversations about Amazon wish lists and shopping lists along with donations of food, bedding, medical/grooming supplies and much much more.

What a fantastic fraternity greyhound lovers have showcased during this COVID19 pandemic. Everyone has done their bit and for the most part the hounds have continued to receive unwavering care and dedication from their guardians.

Our thanks to our homing kennels for the results achieved over the lock-down period. Good positive numbers of hounds homed under the the most strenuous of circumstances. Congratulations for showing such tenacity and for keeping the homing process going to give every hound in your care the chance of finding their forever home.

If you would like to support our charity in some way, please contact us on 07549826240 or email

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