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From Kennel to Sofa

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Greyhound welfare is ever to the fore and as the ‘anti’s’ up their game, the industry stalwarts are pushing back with veracity. No longer does the greyhound fraternity sit back and allow such falsehoods to dominate the headlines and no longer do they feel they have to apologise for enjoying greyhound racing, whether through ownership or just the enjoyment of the sport.

It is a good thing the industry is more transparent, but what lies beneath has always existed – caring, responsible owners and trainers. There are rogue traders in every industry and regretfully the hardworking honest ones do get tarred with the same brush. That said, who has ever had work done where the trader has first apologised for bad workmanship by someone else? There’s no need to apologise for the work we do.

It’s always surprising how much information trainers impart about the hounds they hand over to the homing kennels. Such as their personality, quirky traits and likes and dislikes. Surely this quantifies how much time they’ve spent getting to know each of the hounds in their care?

In racing kennels greyhounds are stimulated by routine, but once the transition into their forever home has taken place the change for them is understandably confusing. Suddenly routine is out the window and, rather cleverly, they take advantage of this by taking over the sofa, bedroom and garden! This isn’t necessarily a better life, because that infers the kennel life is not a good one, but a different life and one in which they bring joy to their new adoptive family.

For the FOCRG our work is never done. We’re always looking for ways to find more homes for these lovely hounds who really do make fantastic pets.

Coming up on 30th October we have a quiz night held at Crayford Greyhound Track and then in the lead up to Christmas we’ll be out and about selling raffle tickets for our 2 Christmas prize draws. That’s two chances to win one of 2 Smart TV’s kindly donated by Ladbrokes and the team at Crayford Stadium.

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