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In their own words from Clarks Farm Rehoming Centre

We will soon be opening a hydrotherapy and grooming room here at the kennels! We are installing a Hydrotherapy Hot Bath for dogs of all shapes and sizes! Hydrotherapy coming to Clarks Farm?? What’s this about?

Now when you think hydrotherapy most people generally think of dogs on underwater treadmills or swimming around a pool. Both of which have their own individual benefits. The hydrotherapy bath we are having installed is one where the dog remains stationary, either standing or laying, and is blasted with very hot jets for a handful of minutes. Frankly, we want to get in there ourselves!

This form of hydrotherapy has several benefits both to dogs recovering from surgery or injuries such as sprains, or those suffering from various conditions such as arthritis. The hot jets increase blood flow to affected areas, improving tissue and collagen extensibility, increasing mobility, and decreasing pain. It is also very beneficial to elderly dogs for their joints or anxious dogs to relax them…or if you just want your dog to enjoy a nice hot spa day!

Hydrotherapy can be used in addition to physiotherapy or other exercises and is a beneficial tool, particularly for greyhounds, who may have retired from racing due to injury.

The hydrotherapy room will be an amazing addition to services we already provide our greyhound friends such as bathing, nail clipping, teeth de-scaling (only £10 per service!). The hydrotherapy will be open to all breeds with mixed breed grooming services to follow soon.

We will also soon be welcoming Sue, a canine massage therapist, who will be coming in, in her spare time, to do ½ hour (£10) or 1 hour sessions (£20) for any of your hounds that may have injuries or muscle complaints, or just fancy a nice relaxing massage.

Additionally, we are expanding our shop! We will continue to stock our full range of greyhound coats, gifts and food but will include a range of collars (fishtail and pet), leads, supplements, doggy first aid, grooming (shampoos, conditioners etc) and other items as well coming soon. You can take a quick peek at just some of the items we will be stocking on the new ‘shop’ page on our website. This will be updated with more as the new stock arrives.

This has all been many many months in the making and would not have been possible if not for your ongoing support. We also have to give a massive thank you to Ladbrokes who sponsored the purchase of the Hydrotherapy bath!

We are so excited to be able to reopen to visitors soon and to have our first doggy visitors to the hydrotherapy room.

We have not yet established session prices for the hydrotherapy but will be providing Doggy Spa Days that include a hydro session, bath, nail clipping, teeth de-scale (greyhound only), and ear cleaning! This will expand to non-greyhounds once we have the groomer on site.

All in all, this is a very exciting time for us here at Clarks Farm! Hopefully, we will be seeing many of you here to utilise the new services once they officially open! Are you excited? We are!!

Team Clark’s Farm

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