Homing Kennels

The FOCRG sends hounds to three homing kennels situated in the South East and East Midlands of England:


Clarks Farm Greyhounds, Tiptree, Essex.

Croftview Homing Kennels, Meopham, Kent.

Homes for Hounds, Bugbrooke, Northants.


These kennels are available to facilitate the needs of re-homing all the ex-racing and retired greyhounds, that have connections with Ladbrokes Stadium Crayford.


To find out more about which homing kennel is more suited to you, click on their logo below to view their website.


Clarks Farm Kennels

Clarks Farm Greyhound Rescue is a registered charity in its own right and is the Maldon and Tiptree branch of the Retired Greyhound Trust. Working alongside the Retired Greyhound Trust and Friends of Crayford Retired Greyhounds we take in ex racing/retired greyhounds and find permanent loving homes for them.


Thousands of Greyhounds retire from racing every year. Some are less than two years old; the majority are aged around three and four. Many people do not realise that greyhounds make excellent family pets. They are gentle, loving and adapt to home life easily. Contrary to common belief they are actually very lazy and only need two 20 minute walks each day. When re-homed responsibly they can live with other breeds of dogs and other pets such as cats.


Our expert team at the kennels can work with you to match the right greyhound to your circumstances, as all our greyhounds are socialised and cat tested prior to re-homing.

Croftview (Harvel) Kennels

Thanks to their grace, good nature and intelligence, greyhounds have been a popular hunting and companion dog for literally thousands of years. Your first association with greyhounds might be through greyhound racing, but these beautiful animals have so much more to offer than just speed and agility on the track.


At RGT Croftview in Kent our mission is to provide cradle to grave care to greyhounds and help them find their forever homes. Greyhounds are very people-oriented, easy-going dogs who only need two brisk walks a day to stay fit and happy. When you meet the gentle and friendly dogs at our greyhound rescue kennels, you’ll soon see that this breed can make a wonderful companion to families and people of all ages.

Homes for Hounds

Our dogs are housed in compatible pairs or singly, if sharing is not an option for temperament or health reasons. 

We try really hard to make sure that while a dog is with us he/she is as happy as possible.

We are supported by a small team of dedicated staff and volunteers who try to ensure that each dog has a daily walk.

Despite the trauma of their earlier lives, we're pleased to say that the vast majority of these dogs recover well and go on to be part of loving families.



Ladbrokes Stadium Crayford

Stadium Way, Crayford,

Dartford, Kent DA1 4HR


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